Thursday, April 17

A Retro Home Makeover

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I'm a sucker for anything bright and especially anything teal. So when I saw this home makeover I was instantly in love. The home belongs to Melanie Bromley, the Chief News Correspondent for E!, and she transformed the 1957 home all on her own. Pretty amazing + beautiful!

To see more photos and read the entire story pop on over to Domaine Home.

Wednesday, April 16

Stela 9 Weekenders

Luna in Turquoise

With so many weekend trips, bachelorette parties, weddings and a few quick trips planned with the boyfriend I've been on the hunt for a new weekend bag. And I've had my eye on these Stela 9 weekenders because I love the bright colors and bold patterns. My favorite would have to be the Isabel in Blue Santa Fe. The Isabel style happens to be on sale at Shopbop right now which means it's also included in the 25% off Friends & Family sale, making this $282 bag only $150!

Such a steal!

Tuesday, April 15

Tuesday's Tune


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I love when I find a new artist that I'm truly excited about, especially when I love every one of their songs. Usually there are one or two songs on an album that I could do with out but from what I've heard of Sam Smith, I don't think that will be the case. His album In the Lonely Hour is due out on June 17th and I've already pre-ordered it!

To see what I'm so excited about make sure you check out Stay With MeMake It To Me, or Latch.

Friday, April 11

It's the Weekend!

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Wishing you all the happiest of weekends!

Tuesday, April 8

Tuesday's Tune

Oh Honey || Be Okay
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Soooo, I've been away for two weeks. What?!
Here's why:
I was supposed to have surgery last Wednesday but when I went in for a check-up with my doctor the Friday before he said no way. Well, for now that is. Chances are I'll still need the surgery but not right now. But because I was supposed to have surgery I spent a full week getting work squared away and training some one who would have been covering me while I was recovering which is why I was MIA the first week. Then last week, I just kept that break going. Partly because I wasn't feeling motivated or inspired due to not having the surgery. That might seem strange so let me explain. After dealing with this ongoing health issue for quite some time (since October!) having the surgery meant finally reaching the light at the end of the tunnel. And eventually that might still be the plan but for right now, I'm on hold. And without explaining all the gory details it actually means I'm healthy so I can't be to upset about not having the surgery. I'm just to the point where I want it to be done and over with!

So until then I'm just going to go with the flow and listen to this happy song!